Thinking of selling a property?

Don't know where to start? Or worried about the condition, costs or complexity? Contact us we can help! 


We make the process simple


Local Husband and Wife Team

We are not Real Estate Agents and there is no commission, closing costs, or other out of pocket expense. We make the process of selling a home as simple as possible


No Pressure and Stress Free 


We Make the Process Simple

We schedule a time and date for a quick Home Inspection. 

We review the with the Home Owner and can make an offer same day. 

No repairs needed no mater the condition.

 Late Payments, Pre Foreclosure, Foreclosure and Back Taxes are ok. 

We will close on the sellers timeline. 


Call to see if we can help

We will review with you the local Comps and explain our offer without  pressuring you. Consider it a free evaluation and a conversation about selling a property. 


Meet the Team

Dave and Gladis Block

With a combined 34 years of logistics experience, Dave and Gladis Block embarked on a journey to gain financial freedom that comes with owning their own business. Although the logistics industry provided us the knowledge of running a business, it also came with long hours away from our family. That is when we decided to combine our entreprenual spirit and education with this new real estate ventured backed by Fortune Builders. 

At Trusted Real Estate Solutions, LLC, we are dedicated, consistent, knowledgeable, and most importantly truthful to the people we are working with. Our vision is to help people with their problems while improving the community. Using sound business processes taught through Fortune Builders, our team of field experts will diligently follow through on our promises. We are committed to ensuring that all parties are fully informed to make the best decisions possible, while keeping the process simple and stress free.